Summer Academy YOUNG TITANS 2016


Last year, I joined the Summer Academy Personality and Leadership as a student in Bremen and Berlin. It was one of the most inspiring events I had ever taken part in and I wrote about it in this Medium story.

This year, I was very happy to join this event again, now being part of the organising team and being in particular responsible for the “online-world”, that is social media and an internal connection platform I developed in the months before the academy event in Berlin.

With 60 students and about 100 mentors, this year’s event was even larger than the one I had participated in last year as a scholar. While keeping the proven settings of one-on-one meetings between scholars and mentors as well as group sessions to talk about nearly anything, our newly established flying classrooms moved around all over Berlin to visit the Office of the Federal Chancellor and the Berlin Town Hall to meet leaders from politics and business.

Below are a few photos I found particularly astonishing. They were either shot by Dovile Sermokas or by me. If you can see yourself participating in this event as a young professional or student next year, please apply here. We are looking forward to meeting you.


Me speaking about my personal experience at the Summer Academy last year and addressing the topic of leadership being part of the discussion panel at Berlin Town Hall.