Visiting Macau


Even though Macau has already surpassed Las Vegas as far as gambling revenue is concerned, many people still think of Las Vegas as being the world’s gambling center. However, as Macau grows from year to year its revenue¬†reached¬†$6.95 billion already in 2006 leaving behind Las Vegas with an annual revenue of $6.5 billion.

So when I went there in late December 2013, it was very interesting to see that the city is indeed dominated by its gambling economy and that invitations to gamble are present everywhere. Arriving by ferry from Hongkong, there are dozens of buses waiting for you when you exit the ferry terminal. They are not really for showing you around the city of Macau but rather for picking you up and taking you directly to one of Macau’s main casinos.


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Interestingly enough, you barely notice Macau’s colonial past when wandering through the streets. Even though its the european colony that was given back last, there is not much left from a Portuguese influence that you would notice at a first glance.

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If you are interested to read more, there is an article from New York Times on Macau as the new center of gambling.