The HONY App project has definitely been the most thrilling project I have worked on by now. I want to start this post by explaining what HONY is about and how we came up with more than 30 incredibly skilled designers and engineers from all over the globe building an application for the most viral photo blog on earth.

HONY (Humans of New York) was founded by Brandon Stanton, a photographer who wanders through the streets of New York and ask people for their photo, a quote or short story. He shares those personalised impressions of The Big Apple on his blog and Facebook page and has now more than 6 million followers and has thereby created one of the most colourful and viral blogs on earth.

About two weeks ago I had the idea of creating a mobile application for the HONY blog, providing an awesome mobile friendly way of browsing all those images on smartphones. When I suggested this idea in a comment under one of HONY’s photos on Facebook I was completely blown away by the response. Since then more than 500 people from all over the globe have contacted me to participate in this idea. I managed to built up a team with more than 30 engineers and designers who started building this application. To me this has been an incredible experience.

I am happy and thankful for everyone who joined this team, everyone who made this possible and helped to give this application back to an awesome community.

Discover the HONY App website, our Facebook page and the HONY iOS Application.

You will also find some photos and our introduction video below.