Esento Redesign


In time for 2015 we have just launched a complete Esento redesign. Not only did we focus on a new and intuitive user interface, we also rebranded the products Esento featured before and included them into the new design package. I am also very happy to announce the launch of ESENTODAY as our third product in Same Day Delivery.

By completely rethinking the way we want our customers to navigate on our Esento platform, we designed all three product categories to have their own text icon and color which will indicate each product page that follows ESENTO NOW, ESENTO TIME and ESENTODAY.

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Availability can now be checked upon all three of those products and as we continue to increase our delivery range, ESENTODAY will now feature the largest delivery range of all Esento products.

esento patrick haede häde blog map products
As we continue working on Esento, the backend engineers team now focuses on improving the order process divided into product categories. There will be a clear focus on redesigned some of the backend structure for it to be easily extensible as there are more products in the pipeline already. We are looking forward to a fresh start in 2015 and taking Esento to a new level.

Visit our new Esento Blog for dedicated infos on every step of development or news.

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