Determining the future of logistics. Same Day Delivery.

As e-commerce is becoming a leading figure in many commerical areas, we set out to develop and plan a logistics company which could not only deliver products as fast as possible but also to provide the customer with a service that was precisely crafted with regard to online customer’s needs. We believe that Esento will be able to achieve those aims providing a very unique service supported by its effective IT infrastructure.

The development process

From every IT project I have managed so far, Esento has definitely had the most detailed planned development process. As we set out to not only create completely new features for the companies staff as well as for our clients, we also had to build and plan a whole system of order submission processes and logistics. Connecting real life order submissions to administration staff as well as couriers has probably been one of the most challenging tasks working on getting this system online. It not only focuses on a web interface for administration staff and clients, it also provides our couriers and partner companies with mobile applications connected to the main server. While delivering one package, there is always a user friendly way to reschedule the driver’s route and to work as time efficient as possible reaching the courier on his mobile phone.

As we constantly increase the number of companies we are directly connected to, it is of significant importance to us to also provide administration staff in those partner companies with an efficient way to coordinate Esento-deliveries and to integrate those smoothly into the everyday working process.

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