On Hongkong


Hongkong is without any doubt one of the most crowded places that I have seen by now. Over 7 Million people on a comparable small area lead to up to 6500 people per square kilometer. Its impressive to see though that the city seems to be perfectly managed.

One of the most impressive characteristics is its strong contrasts which you notice in your everyday life. It starts with the fact that Hongkong is basically nestled in between mountains and awesome, barely touched nature. However, it not only green outside of the city since you will often see parks and small green areas inside the city as well. This is what is sometimes described as HK being an urban jungle and it can lead to you completely forgetting to be in one of the largest cities of eastern asia.

I will add some photos to this blog post hoping that they will illustrate a little bit of Hongkong’s daily contrasts.

If you want to read more on why Hongkong is a very special place there is an amazing photo report on buzzfeed.