When I travelled to the Philippines during my internship in Hong Kong I experienced some of the most impressing cultural related moments of my life. Even though the flight from Hong Kong took me only about one hour to Manila and from there about thirty minutes to first destination Dumaguette, I arrived in a world completely different from what I had left behind.

Living in the heart of Hong Kong, the financial district meant that on every street corner you would at least find two or three shops selling food from all over the world and there was always a good chance for me to even find dishes I would rather have back home in Germany. Now, there were small children begging on the side of the roads, street dogs running around and taking money from an ATM machine meant to hold on to your Pesos when you wanted to leave because children would come up to grasp some of those loose papers.

I am happy I got to know so many people during this trip. Doing diving lessons and talking to our dive instructor pat revealed lots of interesting stories from a country I had never been to before.

I will add more photos and stories here. Stay tuned.

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