On Laracon


Laracon has been an amazing experience.

Even though I am fairly new to Laravel it was awesome to hear both inspiring and code-focusing talks. Jeffrey Way started the conference introducing everyone to Laracasts, which is, according to Taylor Otwell (creator Laravel), one of the sites on the web that drives the community forward most. By delivering educational content, Jeffrey helps everyone new to Laravel get started quickly. Taylor Otwell himself ended the first day giving a keynote on the future of Laravel and introducing homestead as well as forge. Those two services will help to get Laravel to what Otwell believes it should head to: Providing a framework that is easy to set up and apps that are even easier to publish. With Greg Baugues giving a very inspirational and touching talk on the second conference day, I can definitely agree with what has been said on twitter many times: Laracon turned put to be a perfectly managed and truely awesome conference, which was even more reflected in the after conference party event.

Below are some photos I took attending Laracon 2014 NY. I am looking forward to Laracon EU.

I also posted a few more photos of New York in general including the 9/11 Memorial. You will find them here.

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