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Visiting the Airbnb headquarter has been one of the most impressive and exciting experiences that I’ve made on my trip to San Francisco by now. Besides the enormous amount of tech startups in this area, seeing one of the largest web companies from inside will definitely be one of the trips highlights.

I first came across Airbnb looking for a place to stay for my Hongkong trip in December 2013. Convinced by their impressive system and the large number of listings all over the world I found an amazing place to stay in just two days. Without any questions Airbnb turned out to be my first choice finding a room in SF as well.

I can definitely recommend them to anyone travelling the world and looking for a convenient place to stay. Even though I have only made two Airbnb experiences by know I am sure that they are doing a great job on providing a platform that especially focuses on trust and safety. Due to verified profiles and a detailed review system as well as an 24 hours phone service, I am sure that it is nearly impossible to choose a place that won’t make your trip even more exciting.

I imagine one of the hardest parts of working at airbnb’s HQ to forget that you are actually working. Staying inside of their office feels more like traveling different countries due to country-related room designs, atmospheres and food or snacks. Eric, working at airbnb, even showed me an in-office cinema, music lounge, library and an in-office apple-like genious bar.

Feel free to visit their website and see more photos taken in San Francisco below.

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