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When we started wunderfactory in fall 2013 we basically had three people, including me, on our team. We had focused on thatsmymarket for about two years until we decided to concentrate on providing businesses with IT products. Starting off with a few small web and application tasks for local businesses we pretty fast got into planning Esento as our first major IT startup project. We co-founded Esento as CTO and started the logistics platform in summer 2014. Ever since the team has constantly grown. We got more developers on board and learned how to manage more than one business project at a time. Today, wunderfactory has grown to eight developers and plenty of connected experts such as designers and photographers.

We were able concentrate on developing different areas of expertise which now helps us to provide businesses and startups with a variety of tech products and connected systems. Bernhard, our e-commerce expert, focuses on developing e-commerce systems and has proven his skills in more than 50 projects. Sebastian, Felix and David focus on developing websites and smaller IT systems in less than a few days. And Magnus, Moritz and I continue to focus on making Esento a bit better and more efficient every day.

Learn more about what we offer on www.wunderfactory.de – there will be an English webpage version soon.

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